Top 10 wedding photographer website in 2020

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Last updated on May 18th, 2020

Wedding photographer website- whether you are looking for an idea of a wedding then you’re the right place. There are Top 10 Photography Websites in 2020for learning new things. Pursuing a photography career you should follow them, in order to learn valuable lessons.

why you know about wedding photographer website

Given the importance of wedding photography, couples are investing a lot of time in choosing a wedding photographer to capture the true essence of their big day. In most cases, couples decide by reviewing several wedding photography portfolios before finalizing their choice. Having a great wedding photography website is crucial for any photographer who is looking to impress clients and get business. We have put together a carefully selected list of wedding photography portfolios for you to get inspiration and ideas for your wedding photography and tips on how to design your own wedding portfolio website.

10 Stunning Wedding Photographer Websites For Inspiration

Weddings have now become larger-than-life affair with couples going to great lengths to make their wedding a day to remember. As a result, the wedding photography business is booming. Good wedding photographers are much sought after and booked months in advance. No wonder more and more photographers are now asking the question – how to become a wedding photographer.

1. Nicole Davidson: Nicole Davidson is a wedding photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Her wedding photography website features a beautifully designed home-page that sets it a class apart. The home page sets the tone of the website by focusing on Nicole as a person and her passion for creating unique, everlasting memories through her wedding photography.

2.Bella Porta Photography: Bella Porta Photography website showcases Susan’s knack for capturing intimate, warm, and candid images of her subjects. Her images feel real and have a behind-the-scenes feel to them. Her wedding photography website is minimal and clean with simple clear navigation.

3. Amybroker: Amy Booker’s wedding photography portfolio is a visual delight. With large, full-screen images and handwritten fonts for typography, her website looks fun and fresh. Amy’s hand-drawn logo really stands out and adds a lot of personality and character to her website.

4.Tia Fennelly: Tia Fennelly is based on East Coast Canada and describes her wedding photography style as Artistic Documentary. Tia is a natural light photographer and her images have an organic, beautiful quality that’s rare to find.

5. Ryan Hirschberg: Ryan Hirschberg believes in capturing beautiful details, emotions, and interactions as they happen naturally. His clean and minimalist wedding photography portfolio website presents selected wedding photo stories to showcase his work.

6. Jenn Price’s: Jenn Price’s photography portfolio website benefits from being simple and direct. Jenn showcases her work, presents the required information, includes the wedding photography packages, and tells her story through her minimal, clean portfolio website.

7. Hari Kiran: Hari Kiran uses a two-column layout and a horizontal-scroll gallery on the home page to put together a minimalist yet visually distinct wedding photography portfolio website.

8. Don’t Blink Studio: Don’t Blink Studio is the photography portfolio website of Akshay Singh, a wedding photographer based in India. Akshay’s wedding photography focuses on the details in capturing the essence of an Indian wedding.

9. Jan Pirgl: Jan Pirgl is a Czech photo and videographer with roots in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. Jan presents his wedding photography portfolio beautifully on his photography website by showcasing featured weddings as photo stories. Jan also shares his philosophy on wedding photography, answers FAQs, and makes his wedding pricing packages readily available through his website.

10 Fotowalle: Indian weddings are vibrant at every moment throughout the occasion. Guests and kids are seen prancing all over the wedding venue, this essence of Indian weddings is visibly clear in Kanupriya Aurora’s, an Indian wedding photographer, photographs on her wedding photography portfolio.


We have put together a carefully selected list of wedding photography portfolios for you to get inspiration and ideas for your wedding photography and tips on how to design your own wedding portfolio website.